Planning your Wedding at Hill Avenue Grace Lutheran Church

A marriage is the occasion for a service of worship and praise...not just a ceremony for spectators to watch. A wedding is, first of all, a worship service. The focus is on God. That understanding of the marriage service must be clear at the outset of your planning.

Weddings conducted at Hill Avenue Grace Lutheran Church are sacred services of worship that reflect the same faith that we proclaim day-by-day and Sunday-by-Sunday as a Christian congregation. By means of these Guidelines for wedding planning, we want to help brides and grooms as they plan a Christian service of marriage and as they prepare to share their lives with each other. The pastor of Hill Avenue Grace Lutheran Church (or substitutes arranged by them) will conduct all weddings. Please talk with the pastor if you would like to involve visiting clergy in the service.

The planning of a wedding takes at least 4-6 months. During that time you need to spend time reflecting on the meaning of Christian marriage, the wedding service itself, and the place of religious faith and practice in your relationship and your life together. As you meet with the pastor for pre-marital counseling, you will be guided in this process.

There are other issues in personal relationships and marriage that also need to be considered by couples planning for their life together. You will meet with a pastor of Hill Avenue Grace Lutheran Church for premarital counseling. Issues such as personality traits, handling conflicts, finances, children, family and sexual matters will be discussed.

The Organist of Hill Avenue Grace Lutheran Church will play for all weddings unless she is unavailable. She will make arrangements for the replacement organist. She will also work with you if you wish to involve other musicians in the service.

These guidelines are an attempt to provide the best pre-marital planning possible. It is our hope and prayer that the result will be a life-long marriage filled with happiness and continual growth in your love of one another and of God.

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