Where is the church located?

Hill Avenue Grace Lutheran Church is located at 73 N. Hill Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106. We are just up the street from Pasadena Community College and Caltech.

What times are services?

We have worship on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.

What can I expect at worship services?

All of the traditional worship services at Hill Avenue Grace include a Prelude, confession and forgiveness, the Word, the Meal (Communion) and the Sending.

Traditional worship at 9:30 is in the Sanctuary. The music is primarily organ and piano led by the chancel choir with time-honored hymns and anthems.

Happy Hour is a casual contemporary service in the Sanctuary where a variety of instruments are involved in the worship expression. These services are offered several times a year.

What is traditional worship?

If you grew up attending a liturgical church like Lutheran, Catholic or Episcopal, you probably experienced responsive readings, sung the liturgy along with organ accompaniment, enjoyed hearing the chancel choir and can name many long-standing hymns. Our traditional services in the Sanctuary will be familiar to you. You’ll find young families who want to share this rich heritage of Lutheran worship with their children. You’ll find older Christians who grew up with this expression of worship. And you’ll find young adults who view this worship expression as a steadfast source of inspiration in the midst of a hectic and demanding world.

The traditional service is led by an organ and the Chancel Choir. A cantor leads us in responsive singing. Often there are special musical offerings by the Hand Bell Choir, the Children’s Choir, or featured musicians. The worship processional includes youth as acolytes and servers. Communion is offered every Sunday at the altar rail.

What is contemporary worship?

Contemporary worship is expressed in a great variety of ways across the spectrum of Christianity. At Hill Avenue Grace, we pray that the contemporary worship services will (1) glorify God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, (2) unite us in fellowship with Christ so that He might forgive us our sins, transform our hearts and minds by His Word, and cause us to grow in faith and holiness, and, (3) draw upon the most worshipful of Christian contemporary music utilizing guitars, keyboards, drums, and vocals.

What is a Lutheran?

Lutherans are Christians, as Martin Luther preferred they would be called! But his opponents in the 16th century tagged those believers who embraced Luther’s teaching of Scripture as authority and the great theological insights he taught from the Bible with the name, Lutheran, and it stuck. But Lutherans are simply Christians who accept the Bible as the true and authoritative source of Christian love, truth, guidance for daily life, and doctrine. They accept the same ancient creeds of the apostolic, historic Church as other Christians do. They understand Christ’s commandment to go into the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ and show forth the love of God in both word and action. They also proclaim in particular the biblical message of “justification by grace through faith.” That is, Lutheran Christians emphasize that a person is saved (made right in the eyes of God) by God’s unconditional love (grace) as they receive that grace by putting their whole trust and commitment (faith) in the redeeming work of Jesus Christ through His life, death, and resurrection.

What is a Lutheran church?

A Lutheran church is a Scripturally-based, confessional church that worships Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and proclaims that the Bible reveals the will, truth, and grace of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A Lutheran church seeks to work cooperatively with other churches, striving toward true Christian unity. A Lutheran church is a place where all people are invited to come into a new and eternal personal relationship with Christ and into a true and authentic community with one another.

What about the children?

Children of all ages attend church with their families. Following the opening hymn young children are excused for a short Sunday School session.  They return to the Sanctuary to receive Communion with their families.  (Children who do not yet take Communion received a pastoral blessing.)

What kind of youth programs do you have?

Youth have a variety of discipleship classes on Sunday mornings and Middle School and High School meet regularly by age group.

What is your membership process?

Members are received through baptism or through affirmation of faith. To become Lutheran, only Baptism and instruction in the Christian faith is required. If you have been baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we invite you to attend the New Member's Class for an overview of Christianity and what Lutherans believe. Active members of other Lutheran congregations typically need only to transfer their membership.

Do I need to be a member to participate?

Of course not! Everyone is welcome to participate in the ministry, mission, education and friendship at Hill Avenue Grace.

Is the church handicap accessible?



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