“Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor.”

Proverbs 22:9


The Stewardship focus at Hill Avenue Grace Lutheran Church emphasizes the abundance and grace that we receive from our Holy Father. Stewardship is our response to the multiple blessings that we have first received. A steward (sty-warden as explained in the Bible) is a person who manages someone else’s possessions. There is a responsibility given to this person to manage the resources in the most appropriate manner. There is a sense of accountability with proper stewardship. None of our earthly possessions will stay with us forever ~ they are to be used to benefit people and spread the word of God.

The Stewardship Committee strives to tie giving to mission. The emphasis of stewardship has been to support and expand effective ministries that are taking place at HAGLC: Grace Food Shelf, Prayers & Squares, Youth Ministry, Visitation Ministry, Music Ministry, Congregational Life, Educational Ministry, to name a few.

The Stewardship Committee has encouraged members to share their personal journeys of faith and giving. These messages have been heartfelt and well received.

Therefore, stewardship is sharing, giving, and a way of life. May God Bless You on your personal journey of sharing what has first been given to you to bless others.



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